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Footballer KNOCKS OUT opposition player with a KICK that would even make Conor McGregor proud- WATCH

A footballer delivers a powerful kick, knocking out an opponent, reminiscent of Conor McGregor's impact, sparking widespread astonishment and concern.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Footballer knocked out in Copa Uruguay | Image:X/screengrab

In the Copa Uruguay Round of 16, Danubio F.C. secured a 1-0 victory over La Luz F.C. at Parque Palermo Stadium. The match was tightly contested, with both teams showing determination, but it was Danubio who managed to find the breakthrough, ultimately securing their place in the next round of the competition.

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La Luz player knocks out Danubio player by hitting a kick in his face 

In a widely-circulated video on social media, a La Luz player  Brian Cordara delivers a forceful kick to the face of a Danubio player named Joaquín Fernández, resulting in a dramatic knockout during the 67th minute of the match. The incident occurred as the La Luz player attempted a bicycle kick, but tragically misjudged his position, inadvertently striking the Danubio star with significant force. The unfortunate impact left the Danubio player unconscious, prompting immediate concern and attention from the surrounding players and medical staff. This shocking event has sparked widespread discussion and concern within the sporting community, emphasizing the importance of player safety. However, there was no red card for Brian Cordara of La Luz after this brutal kick to the face of Joaquín Fernández of Danubio.


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What happened during the match?

In the Copa Uruguay Round of 16 showdown, Danubio FC sealed a 1-0 victory over La Luz FC at Parque Palermo. After a goalless first half, Danubio found the breakthrough in the 90th minute, securing their win and progressing in the competition. The match was closely contested, as evidenced by the teams' comparable statistics, with Danubio ultimately edging ahead. With 3 corners and 7 shots, La Luz put up a strong fight, but Danubio's resilience prevailed. As the match ended, Danubio emerged triumphant, leaving La Luz to contemplate their next move in the tournament.


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