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HOW DID WE MISS IT! CM Punk exactly told Cody Rhodes that The Rock will ruin his WrestleMania dream

After the fallout from Friday Night SmackDown, a clip has surfaced which suggests that CM Punk had predicted that Cody Rhodes' Mania dream will be spoiled.

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Cody Rhodes, The Rock, CM Punk
Cody Rhodes, The Rock, CM Punk | Image:WWE

Friday Night SmackDown was a significant day for wrestling fans since the title bouts for WrestleMania were expected to be announced. While a Women's Championship match has been set up, the Men's position is less clear. While Cody Rhodes has not announced his opponent for the Showcase of the Immortals, The Rock's appearance on the scene has sparked a lot of intrigue. Surprisingly, CM Punk had foretold that Cody Rhodes' Mania momentum would be derailed, and his prediction appears to have come true.

3 Things you need to know

  • Cody Rhodes won the Men's Royal Rumble Match in 2024
  • Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has become a part of the TKO Board of Directors
  • The Rock stood face-to-face against Roman Reigns 

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CM Punk accurately predicts how Cody Rhodes' Mania spot will be taken away from him

After the last 45 minutes of SmackDown caused an intense backlash over The Rock, a clip of CM Punk and Cody Rhodes segment that took place on WWE RAW has surfaced online. The Second City Saint revealed how Rhodes has carried the company for two years, and he is on his path to the finish line, which for him is to finish his story and become a champion. But Punk said that a superstar much bigger than him, who hasn't been around, would come around and steal his spot. Take a look at the video.


It looks like CM Punk's words are happening for real, as the Rock-Reigns staredown could lead to the dream match at Mania, and the fans will be robbed of the opportunity to see Rhodes vs Reigns for the title in Philadelphia.  


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It is too soon to say, as no match has been officially announced. Rhodes is also yet to make his decision on whom he will be facing in WrestleMania. The Rock and Reigns had a mere staredown, and they could have done it to create some intrigue. But it is yet to be seen what happens as the WWE has been unpredictable lately.


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