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LIGHTNING strikes man playing football in Indonesia, FRIGHTENING visuals surface on the internet

Some horrific visuals have emerged from Indonesia when lightning struck a man playing a game of football at the Siliwangi Stadium. The man was pronounced dead.

Pavitra Shome
Siliwangi Stadium
Indonesian football player gets struck by lightning | Image:X (Screengrab)

Some unfortunate news has emerged from Indonesia, where a man lost his life while playing football in a stadium. But the most unusual thing was the way the person died, as it was not due to any physical confrontation or suffering a blow. The person was hit by a lightning strike, and he suffered fatal burn wounds, which led to his unfortunate passing. It could be one of the most unusual ways that a person has passed away while playing football.

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Indonesia man hit by lightning while playing football, player succumbed to death

As per various Indonesian news outlets, the local police have said that a man, who has been identified as Septian Raharja, succumbed to death after he was hit by a lightning strike while playing football at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, Indonesia. The person, who was a resident of the Subang Regency, suffered multiple burn wounds and was pronounced dead.


The incident occurred on Saturday, as Septian and his team engaged in a friendly match with a local team. A clip from the horrifying incident is also circulating throughout social media platform X (Formerly Twitter).

"There was an incident when the victim was struck by lightning at the Siliwangi Stadium in Bandung, the identity of the victim was Septian Raharja, the victim from Subang," Bandung Police Chief Kombes Pol Budi Sartono said to an Indonesian news outlet.

"The weather is no longer raining, suddenly lightning strikes the victim. At 4.45 pm the victim was taken to Sariningsih hospital, there were burns on the chest, upper thighs and legs," the Police Chief added.


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According to reports, the cause of death was natural, as determined by witness accounts. As soon as there was a sound of thunder and as the lightning struck the victim, he fell to the ground and collapsed.


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