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Like father like son! Lionel Messi's 8-year-old son Matteo's stunning goals takes over the internet

Mateo Messi, Lionel Messi's son, looks to be carrying on his father's heritage. The eight-year-old has acquired his father's footballing genes scoring 3 goals.

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Lionel Messi's son display enigmatic skills in match
Lionel Messi's son display enigmatic skills in match | Image:AP/@giraltpablo

Lionel Messi prepares for his MLS season next month, but before that, the Argentine baller will be seen in action against Cristiano Ronaldo’s Al-Nassr in an international friendly on February 1, 2023. As Messi has not played football for over a month, his kids have been taking on the pitch in youth matches and have shown that football is in their DNA.

3 things you need to know 

  • MLS season starts next month 
  • Al-Nassr vs Inter Miami will be played on February 1, 2023 
  • Inter Miami have signed Luis Suarez this season

Mateo Messi bags a hattrick in style for Inter Miami 

A video of eight-year-old Mateo Messi's remarkable hat-trick for Inter Miami Academy has taken social media by storm. The young talent displayed impressive skills and stunning goals, drawing natural comparisons to his legendary father, Lionel Messi, who is often celebrated as one of the greatest in football history.

Mateo and his siblings were enrolled in the programme following Lionel Messi's joining with the MLS team, providing a fostering atmosphere for the young footballer's growth. Mateo's growth as a skilled and goal-scoring player has piqued the interest of many, heralding the potential continuation of the Messi dynasty.

Mateo is very similar to his father in appearance and playing style, especially in his exceptional ball handling and advances up the pitch. His remarkable dribbling, reminiscent of Messi senior, has become a defining feature of his developing skill. Mateo has already scored 10 goals for Inter Miami, demonstrating a natural knack for goal-scoring that mimics his father's.


While there are many similarities, Mateo's predilection for striking the ball with his right foot distinguishes him from his renowned father. This difference in technique lends a distinctive dimension to Mateo's playing style, adding to the mystery surrounding his footballing path.

Young Messi's youthful fan base has grown dramatically, lured in by his explosive talent and superb ball abilities on the pitch. Mateo's future in football is bright as he continues to improve in the Inter Miami academy. With the Messi heritage being carried on by Mateo, the footballing world impatiently awaits the next chapter in this legendary family's saga.


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