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Match-fixing in Indian football? Delhi club suspended after suspicious video, AIFF takes note

After Miverva Punjab FC owner Ranjit Bajaj flagged match-fixing allegations in the Delhi Premier League, major actions have took place since then.

Ranjit Bajaj
A Delhi Premier League football match in action | Image:X/@THE_RanjitBajaj

When football administrator Ranjit Bajaj made a shocking reveal that match-fixing has taken over in state-based football competitions like a plague, it shook the scene as a whole. The owner of Minerva Punjab FC raised his concern over the ISL referees and alleged that the state-based football leagues are fixed. A month later, Bajaj has yet again called out the Delhi Premier League with match-fixing allegations and has cited criticism over the happenings. His tweets led to critical action taking place, and relevant executives also took note of the matter.

After Club owner calls out, DSA takes action against DPL football club over match-fixing allegations

A Month after exposing the referees and players in the state-held Delhi Premier League, Ranjit Bajaj fired off another tweet against the Delhi Football Association. In the tweet, Bajaj claimed he was right all along and shared some clips as evidence. The Minerva Punjab FC owner is seeking action against the people who are involved in the vile scandal and demands a prison sentence for the fixers. He also alleged that the I-League is also fixed. 


After Bajaj's tweet went viral, the Delhi Soccer Association set up an emergency committee meeting to determine the alleged matter and took action against the Ahbab Football Club.

'An emergency committee meeting of DSA was held to address the alleged match fixing allegations in the recently concluded Delhi Premier League 2023/24.


The outcome of the same is as follows: Ahbab Football Club is suspended with immediate effect.

This suspension will remain in effect until the outcome of the investigation,' the DSA said in a statement on X (Formerly Twitter).


Ranjit Bajaj's tweet also reached the eyes of Former AIFF General Secretary Shaji Prabhakaran, who urged action and demanded a lifetime ban over the ones involved in the scandal. 


AIFF President Kalyan Chaubey also took note of the burning issue and said that the Federation has been investigating the concern and collecting hard evidence for the same.


With hard video evidence coming to light, it has been a cosmic concern and is a prime threat to India's budding football program. In a country where football is treated as the second largest sport, maintaining the integrity of the sport is necessary, and it is yet to be seen what other actions are put into effect to make the improvements. 


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