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'Perfect, YES, it hits shoulder': Audio of VAR decisions in Real Madrid’s win against Almeria is out

Spanish Football Federation publicly revealed conversations between referees during a contentious Real Madrid vs. Almería match, shedding light on decisions.

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Vinícius Júnior
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Real Madrid clinched a hard-fought victory against Almería in a thrilling La Liga encounter. The match saw Largie Ramazani and Edgar González finding the net for Almería, while Jude Bellingham, Vinicius Junior, and Dani Carvajal secured the win for Real Madrid. With dominant possession and impressive passing accuracy, Real Madrid emerged triumphant, maintaining their strong position in the league standings after a match filled with many controversies. 

3 things you need to know 

  • Real Madrid made a comeback against Almeria, winning 3-2
  • The match was filled with VAR controversy
  • All Real Madrid’s goal came in the second half of the match 

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La Liga releases audio of the VAR calls made during Real Madrid's victory against Almeria

Referee Hernandez Hernandez, who supervises the VAR (Video Assistant Referee) responsibilities to assist crew head Hernandez-Maeso, had a memorable Real Madrid against Almeria home game. The Spanish Football Federation made available audio recordings of the conversations that occurred during the controversial judgements made during the match, providing insight into the referees' communication and decision-making process. Hernandez Hernandez stated to initiate the review: 


“Fran, I’m going to recommend you take a look at a potential penalty because of a handball from the Almeria defender,” 

Yes, the Madrid player heads the ball and it hits on the defender’s arm, which is away from the body, I’m going to call a penalty without a yellow card, OK?” replied Hernandez Maeso.

It was during that same play sequence when Almeria scored what may have been their third goal. But the VAR stepped in and helped the on-field referee, who eventually disallowed the goal because Bellingham had fouled. 


“Come see the play, there’s a potential foul from the attacker right in the play,” said Hernandez Hernandez.

Following his confirmation that the play ended in a goal and his acknowledgment of the foul as an important play during the same "attacking phase," crew chief Hernandez Maeso said what followed:


“Yes, it’s the start of the attack, therefore I am going to disallow the goal for a foul and show a yellow card to Almeria’s number 6.”

The most contentious intervention occurred in the last instance, when Vinicius scored the equaliser for Real Madrid on a move that was first ruled a handball.


“I’m going to recommend an on-field review so that you can assess the no-handball, the potential no-handball in the play,” said VAR referee Hernandez Hernandez. “I’m going to show you, the ball hits him on the right shoulder, right? We’re playing the super slow-motion now, it hits the shoulder, now it’s up to you to assess a potential offensive foul there,” he added.

“To me, that’s not an offensive foul,” said the crew chief. “I agree,” replied Hernandez Hernandez from the VAR.

“Perfect, yes, it hits the shoulder and that’s a valid goal, alright?” said Hernandez Maeso.

“That’s right,” replied the VAR referee.

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Real Madrid will be seen in action against Las Palmas on Saturday, January 24, 2024. They are currently in the 2nd spot behind Girona, who have a one-point lead with an extra game played.


Published January 22nd, 2024 at 17:27 IST

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