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Is Bubba Wallace married? Who is NASCAR racer's partner Amanda Carter?

Is Bubba Wallace married? This is a frequently asked question by fans looking to know more about the racer. Here's a look at his personal life & his girlfriend.

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is bubba wallace married
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Over the course of the past two months, Bubba Wallace has inadvertently become the face of the NASCAR. Be it his support for the Black Lives Matter or the recent events surrounding a noose being found in his garage stall at Talladega Superspeedway, the 26-year-old has been all over the internet recently. The recent events have also drawn attention to Wallace's personal life, with the common question among fans being: 'Is Bubba Wallace married?'

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Is Bubba Wallace married? Bubba Wallace girlfriend

First and foremost, the answer to 'Is Bubba Wallace married?' is negative. The 26-year-old NASCAR racer has been in a relationship with Amanda Carter. While it remains unknown when the couple started dating, reports indicate they have been together for several years now. Their many years of being together coupled with Bubba Wallace not being too open about his personal life may have fueled rumours that he might be married.


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Is Bubba Wallace married? Who is Amanda Carter?

According to reports, Amanda Carter is a financial analyst at Bank of America. She was born in 1994 in North Carolina and has four siblings. She graduated in Finance and Banking from Appalachian State University in 2016 and is also known to be the vice-president of the Alpha Phi International Fraternity.

While the duo is not too open about their relationship, Amanda Carter is known to be a big influence in Bubba Wallace's rise in NASCAR alongside Wallace's parents. A look into the Instagram profiles of Amanda Carter and Bubba Wallace not only helps with determining 'Who is Amanda Carter?' but also provides a slideshow of Amanda's presence in most of Wallace's NASCAR races. 

Behind the Wall: Bubba Wallace was an eight-part Facebook docu-series which explored NASCAR's only full-time African-American racer's personal life and gave an insight into his relationship with Carter. The series was a montage of several moments from Wallace's life behind the race tracks. It included snippets of Bubba and Amanda playing cards on a cruise, highlighting the competitive nature of the couple. Another short footage shows Amanda Carter cheering for Wallace at Daytona 500. 

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Bubba Wallace girlfriend says she's proud of NASCAR racer 

Both Bubba Wallace and Amanda Carter, have been supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Back in May 2020, Wallace over the "I Can't Breathe" shirt to show his support for the protests against the death of George Floyd. The racer followed it up with an all-black car that featured "Black Lives Matter" written on the hood. Following the backlash, Wallace received for the noose incident, Amanda Carter took to Instagram where she said how proud she was of the racer for using the platform and speaking up against social injustices. 

"I am so proud of you for standing up for what is right and continuing to do so without fear of the outcome. For continuing to stand faced with uncertainty and fear all with a smile on your face. I am so proud of you for using your platform," she wrote. "I wish the people saying hurtful comments knew you. I wish everyone knew you. I hope people continue to stand with you because you’re standing for so many others."


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