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Conor McGregor just unleashed on Ryan Garcia with the most shocking tweet in history of X

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor goes unhinged as he launches a tirade over Boxer Ryan Garcia, who was found positive of using a banned substance.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Conor McGregor, Ryan Garcia | Image: AP / Instagram@kingryan

Not too long ago during a pre-fight drug test, boxer Ryan Garcia tested positive for using a banned substance. Garcia was set to battle against Devin Haney, where he defeated him clean with a majority decision. But weeks after the bout, the results were revealed in which Ryan was found in the influence of the banned substance in a prematch and post-match test. Garcia was found positive with Ostarine, which is a banned selective androgen receptor modulator that has been linked with several other wrestlers who allegedly use them as a performance-enhancing supplement. Conor McGregor was displeased with the situation and vented his displeasure.

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Conor McGregor RIPS Boxer Ryan Garcia after being found positive for using a banned substance

Ryan Garcia has come under the radar after being found positive for using banned performance-enhancing drugs and also missing weight. The revelation did not sit well with Irish MMA fighter Conor McGregor, who has been vociferous against the use of performance enhancers and encourages clean fights. In a now-deleted tweet on X (Formerly Twitter), McGregor blasted Garcia and accused him of cheating to win his bout. He did not leave Sean O'Malley behind, as he was previously found guilty of using a banned substance. 


'Cheated the weight and was juiced, lifetime ban. Sad to see, sad to say. Sad and a bit sick. Don't come near me if I see you ever Ryan Garcia. I am actually disgusted. This ostarine it reminds me of Sean o malley was on that as well. I don't like this, I'll bust yous both up, do yous want a spar I will set flights right now for you both for a full on spar each. Hotel, black forge inn the lot,' McGregor wrote.

UFC Fighter Conor McGregor's tweet for Ryan Garcia and Sean O'Malley | Image: X/@TheNotoriousMMA (Screengrab)

In addition, Conor McGregor lauded Devin Haney's performance. He praised 'The Dream' for going into a contest against a competitor who was overweight and guilty of doping. The Notorious further claimed that if he were Haney's dad, Garcia would be gone.


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The MMA and fight fans are eagerly waiting for the Mystic Mac's return to the octagon as McGregor is all set to go against Michael Chandler in the main event of UFC 303. 


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