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The Mark Zuckerberg JINX: How Alexander Volkanovski and Adesanya PLUMMETED as Meta soared

Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya were handed an ugly defeat in their last respective fights. Were they struck by the Mark Zuckerberg jinx?

Israel Adesanya, Mark Zuckerberg, and Alexander Volkanovski | Image:markzuckerberg/instagram

Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya may go down as two of the most dominant champions in the history of UFC. However, the two suffered a cruel fate in their respective last fights. Both were dominated in a way that many fans never imagined they would get a sight of. Aside from getting an ugly beating, the two have something else in common as well.

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Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya were hit by Mark Zuckerberg jinx

Following the culmination of UFC 298, a picture is making rounds on the internet, which features Volk and Izzy together along with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The pic was posted on July 13, 2023, at a time when speculations of a potential fight between Zuckerberg and CEO of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk, were brimming. The still was from a MMA practice session that Zuckerberg underwent with Volkanovski and Adesanya. At UFC 298, Zuckerberg was among the entourage that walked alongside Alexander Volkanovski to the Octagon.



Israel Adesanya, Mark Zuckerberg, and Alexander Volkanovski

While the picture was taken seven months back, during the period a lot has changed. Israel Adesanya lost his UFC Middleweight title at UFC 293 against Sean Strickland and Alexander Volkanovski was inflicted with a knockout defeat at UFC 298 against llia Topuria. Dwelling over these results fans were quick to gang up with a similar thought, which is Israel Adesanya and Alexander Volkanovski were hit by the Zucc jinx.

As per netizens, the association with the Facebook founder did not turn out to be ideal for the former UFC champs. Nevertheless, a perfect result was obtained in the case of the other way round. Notably, in the same interval, Meta's stock price has soared to a new height.


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MMA as a sport moves quickly

These fictitious tricks and trades often take over the space whenever something meteoric happens in the sport. Yet, the biggest takeaway from these fights is that the sport of MMA moves so much more quickly than other sports. In a fight where both individuals are of the same weight and carry the same arsenal, anything can happen as it takes only one punch to hit the lights out. What do you think?


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