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GONE in 30 Seconds: UFC CEO Dana White bluntly WALKS OUT from a podcast; Hosts left ASTOUNDED- WATCH

UFC CEO Dana White left the podcast seat just 30 seconds after gracing it. The podcast host and others in the studio were left befuddled and disappointed.

UFC CEO Dana White | Image:X.com

While he is known to present his views in an unsugarcoated manner but never did UFC CEO Dana White walk out of a press conference or from a special show without elaborating on his answers. In a first, the UFC boss exited from a podcast just 30 seconds after taking the guest's chair. The unprecedented took place during Howie Mandel's podcast.

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Dana White walks out of a podcast after just 30 seconds being the guest

The entire fight fraternity has its eyes set on Dana White, as the promoter is expected to unveil the much-anticipated headliner fight of UFC 300. The enthusiasts were left disappointed when the announcement of the said fight did not take place during the Super Bowl LVIII event. However, it is speculated that White will reveal the fight at the post-UFC 298 press conference on Saturday.


However, in the lead-up to the Pay-Per-View, White is making his usual media appearances to promote the fight card of the premier live event. In the process, he graced the Howie Mandel Podcast but left the show before talking anything about the much-awaited fight between llia Topuria and Alexander Volkanovski. His demeanor left the hosts astounded. Here's the clip of him suddenly leaving.

As he is much respected for the impact he has brought to UFC, creating it a multi-billion organisation, Howie was complimenting and thanking White for what he has done for the industry, yet despite it not being close to anything vexing, White removed his mic and left the setting. Watch what transpired.


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What could be the reason for Dana White's blunt move?

So, was he already infuriated with something or he just wasn't in the mood? Did the aggravation of being followed up with the question related to UFC 300 get to Dana White? The exact reason why Dana White left the podcast like this is not known yet. Whatever may be the reason, one thing is certain this video will generate more videos for the podcast than all the others combined.


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