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'When tears come rushing down..': Sania Mirza reveals mental state after divorce from Shoaib Malik

 Sania Mirza underlines the effects of her divorce from Shoaib Malik on her mental health as well as her emotional issues.

Reported by: Aryan Suraj Chadha
Sania Mirza comments after Shoaib Malik's marriage
Sania Mirza comments after Shoaib Malik's marriage | Image:Sania Mirza/ Shoaib Malik Instagram

The announcement of her ex-husband Shoaib Malik's third marriage to Lollywood actress Sana Javed turned the spotlight on Indian tennis legend Sania Mirza in January 2024. When Sania's family formally announced that she and Shoaib were divorcing, fans in Pakistan and India showered her with affection; however, the retired tennis star had been silent about the issue and did not make any big public statements.

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Sania Mirza reveals her mental state in a cryptic Instagram story 

Sania Mirza has been sharing inspirational and motivational messages on her social media accounts despite the public critiques. In her most recent Instagram story, she explored the idea of "sabr," emphasizing the fortitude needed to keep a smile on one's face in the face of inner suffering, to discreetly wipe away tears, and to forgive people who may have wronged you or in simple words to have patience. The post shared on her Instagram story read: 


“Sabr is smiling at people despite all the hurting inside you. Sabr is when tears come rushing down your eyes and wiping it off before anyone notices it. Sabr is forgiving people that are cruel to you. Sabr is having full Imaan in Allah that everything will workout. Sabr is trusting Allah’s plan,”

Sania Mirza's Instagram story (Image: mirzasaniar)
Sania Mirza's Instagram story (Image: mirzasaniar)


The tennis star also took a moment to express gratitude for her support system, sharing a "sister appreciation post" with her "ride or die."

In another post, she shared images of herself with the caption, "Chin up princess, or your crown slips."

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Supporters, friends and family have been praising Sania Mirza for handling these personal struggles with dignity and grace. Her bravery and courage have struck a deep chord with a lot of people, making her an inspiration to others facing their challenges.


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