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Former WWE Champion has an absurdly interesting proposal for a match-up in stage like WrestleMania

Former WWE Champion Big E has an insanely unique proposal that involves big and girthy wrestlers in a match-up at WrestleMania.

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WWE WrestleMania
WWE WrestleMania | Image: WWE

With the Road to WrestleMania beginning with the Royal Rumble, superstars will try to find their way into the wrestling promotion's biggest showcase. WrestleMania plays host to some of the most unique matchups, involving celebrities fighting. Gimmick matches like the one where Sami Zayn wrestled Johnny Knoxville in an Anything Goes match in WM 38. A former WWE Champion has a unique proposal and wants to make it happen in WWE's biggest showcase of the year. 

3 things you need to know

  • WrestleMania is WWE's biggest showcase of the year
  • The 2024's Showcase of the Immortals will take place at the Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia
  • A former WWE Champion shares a proposal for an extraordinary match  

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Big E has an excellent concept for a new match style at WrestleMania

Gimmick matches have often been an interesting sight in the showcase of the immortals. But nothing could ever top what former WWE Champion Big E proposed lately. On WWE's The Bump, Big E suggested to host the first-ever Meaty Men Invitational match for WrestleMania. The Member of the New Day said:


“Some sort of a Meaty Men Invitational, I think to be held at WrestleMania, the first inaugural. Imagine, just the largest, most bulbous, most girthy men on the roster, all gathering in one match to decide who is worthy of being crowned The Meatiest Man on God’s green earth.”

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In the past, big men like Mark Henry, Big Show (now Paul Wight), The Great Khali, and more have been in the ring with girthy opponents, and it becomes an entertaining match for the fans as they watch the big men go against each other. Show and Henry once broke the ring when they clashed against each other, and the crowd went berserk. An absolute carnage takes place, and it becomes very entertaining. But it is yet to be seen on whether the WWE will make this happen or not.


Published January 26th, 2024 at 14:10 IST

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