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Liv Morgan shares how WWE helped her cope with fire when an ex-WWE star almost set her home ablaze

Liv Morgan shares an incident when a former WWE star nearly burnt her house down and how the Cnnecticut-based wrestling promotion helped her deal with fire.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Liv Morgan | Image: WWE

Liv Morgan has recently revealed how some of her learnings in wrestling helped her evade a massive disaster taking place. As a wrestler, she has been in the main picture lately and has been engaging in a feud with the Women's champion, Becky Lynch. Liv has been portraying a heelish figure and has been on a revenge tour after making a return from injury. But what happened at her home was scary, and she narrates how one of her close aides nearly had her house, specifically her kitchen, in flames.

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Liv Morgan opens up on the fire that took place at her residence, courtesy of a former WWE star

Liv Morgan recently appeared at the Insight Podcast, where she revealed how Former WWE superstar and current AEW talent CJ Perry (fka Lana) mistakenly set her kitchen oven on fire while heating taco shells. She added that her learning to use the fire extinguisher, which she learnt fir the Extreme Rules 2022, came in super handy as it squashed the fire.  


“So like, two weeks ago, I fly home from Monday Night Raw, and CJ is staying in my house, we’re best friends. So she’s staying at my house, and she’s like, do you want tacos? And I’m like, yeah. So she puts taco shells in the oven because she wanted to toast them a little bit. And in typical CJ fashion, she hit broil instead of bake. I don’t know if y’all know what broil is, but broil is like fire.

Liv Morgan confronts Becky Lynch at WWE Monday Night RAW | Image: WWE

So pretty much my oven went on fire and we’re like, oh my God. I know I have a fire extinguisher and I only know how to use a fire extinguisher because of Extreme Rules 2022. So I swear, in that moment, you don’t even know I’m like, thank you wrestling. So I put out the oven fire and then it burst into flames again. And I’m like, Oh my gosh, so I put out the fire again. And then that was it,” Morgan revealed.


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Liv Morgan's revenge tour will continue as the former Women's Champion will clash against Becky Lynch with the title on the line at the King & Queen of the Ring PLE at Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.


Published May 22nd, 2024 at 13:10 IST