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UFC reveals why Brock Lesnar came back to MMA from WWE in UFC 200; watch video

UFC on Fox reveals why Brock Lesnar decided to fight Mark Hunt at UFC 200. Know why the WWE superstar decided to make a surprise move from WWE to UFC.

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WWE superstar and current champion Brock Lesnar stunned everyone when he made a surprise move towards UFC and headlined the co-main event of UFC 200 against Mark Hunt. However, Brock Lesnar’s UFC return did not last long. His victory against Mark Hunt was ruled out to be a no-contest due to a failed drug test and the 42-year-old returned back to WWE. It’s been almost four years since Brock Lesnar’s last UFC fight and a lot of fans still don’t know why Lesnar decided to make a swift shift to UFC in 2016. ‘UFC on Fox’ uploaded a video in their YouTube channel that showcases the real reason of Brock Lesnar’s entry into the UFC from WWE.

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Brock Lesnar WWE to UFC: Why?

UFC 200 already had three titles lined up when Dana White decided to add something extra for the fans. No wonder, things turned out beautifully when Brock Lesnar himself called up Dana White to sign him up for UFC 200. In the interview with Fox, Brock Lesnar revealed that it was he who made the first call. The WWE Superstar said, “I picked up the phone, I called Dana White and said listen, if there was any time for Brock Lesnar to come back it would just make sense that it would be for UFC 200”. Without a doubt, Dana White sealed the deal and brought back Brock Lesnar to UFC against a veteran like Mark Hunt.

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Brock Lesnar WWE: Will he fight again in the UFC?

Brock Lesnar ignited an intense rivalry with Daniel Cormier when he went on to push the latter, just after the end of UFC 226. A lot of fans believed that a Daniel Cormier vs Brock Lesnar was going to materialize in the future. But, the mega showdown never happened in UFC. Currently, Brock Lesnar is having a successful reign in WWE and he has no intentions of leaving it anytime soon.

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