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WCW Icon Sting unveils SURPRISING reason on why he chose to fight Seth Rollins in his short WWE run

WCW Icon & Hall of Famer Sting reveals on wrestling Seth Rollins in a Championship match as he wanted to have the ultimate match the fans have been calling for.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Sting in the ring during WWE RAW | Image: WWE

Sting has been a true icon and legend in the wrestling circuit and will soon compete in the final match of his career at the AEW Revolution. But before heading to Tony Khan's promotion, the Icon was a part of WWE. While his run in the then-Vince McMahon-led promotion was short, Sting performed in WrestleMania and had one of the finest legend vs legend matches with Triple H. His last WWE match was against Seth Rollins, and he was not seen after that. The vigilante revealed why he went on to wrestle Rollins, as he hoped it would lead to something big. 

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Sting reveals why he fought the World Championship match with Seth Rollins 

Sting was a part of WWE and had a contract which ran from 2014 to 2020. But apart from the WrestleMania match with Triple H and the World Championship match with Seth Rollins, he never had any other prolific match-ups. The wrestler revealed to CBS Sports why he fought Rollins, as he hoped that it would lead to the ultimate dream match with the Deadman, Undertaker.


"I thought, 'Well, maybe if I get my foot in the door, we'll see what happens.' So I got my foot in the door," Sting said. "We did a WrestleMania with Triple H and then Vince called and said, 'Hey, I want you to have a world title match with Seth. Would you be willing to do that?' 'Yeah, I'd be willing to do that.' Still, in hopes that somehow I could get in there with Taker," The Stinger said.

Sting opens WWE RAW before WrestleMania 31 and walks down the ramp | Image: WWE 

"I had so many ideas over the years. A lot of times, smoke and mirrors aren't good things. But in our situation, I think with his gimmick and the mystiques of his character and mine, we couldn't have enough smoke and mirrors. I think it definitely would have been a night that people remembered. Man, I would have loved to have seen that. If I could have had that match alone, I would have been great. I wouldn't have had to do anything else," he added.


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Sting vs Undertaker is one of the unfulfilled dream matches the wrestling universe has been yearning for. It would have been a sensational clash between two of the most notable gimmicks in wrestling. But that will remain a dream, as Taker is out of competitive action while the Stinger's swan song will happen alongside Darby Allin in a tag team match against The Young Bucks. 


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