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WWE HOFer Goldberg extremely irate over 'some Japanese girl' breaking his famed WCW streak

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg reveals why he is upset with a Japanese wrestler in WWE and how the overuse of his signature move is being done in the promotion.

Reported by: Pavitra Shome
Goldberg makes his entrance at WrestleMania | Image: WWE

Not all WWE Hall of Famers have been content with the wrestling company due to some or the other antics of Vince McMahon. The former WWE chairperson upset a lot of superstars in his time and was also responsible for scandalous things that put WWE's name in the mud. One of the superstars who is still fuming at the promotion is Bill Goldberg. Despite having a championship run in the WWE, the Hall of Famer is still salty over them. The chances of seeing Goldberg return to the promotion are slim, and he did not mind taking some shots as he voiced his criticism over it.  

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Goldberg upset over WWE after his famed undefeated streak was broken, finisher overutilized

Goldberg feels bitter about the WWE, and he vented his frustration during his appearance on the Tim Green - Nothing Left Unsaid Podcast. He voiced his anger at the promotion of the booking of former women's champion Asuka, who beat his undefeated WCW streak in 2017. According to Goldberg, it's no coincidence that Asuka ended his streak after making a comeback to the WWE in late 2016 or that other wrestlers have all stolen his trademark move.


“Well, a girl beat my winning streak...beat my undefeated streak. Yeah, I can’t even remember. Aso͞oka is her name, some Japanese girl. And they touted her as being the one to have the longest winning streak. And it just so happened that that culminated when I got there, right? And then it just so happened that every single wrestler uses the spear in their moves, right? Pretty ironic that that happened when I got there, right? So, that’s how they do it,” Bill Goldberg said.

Bill Goldberg makes his entrance ahead of a match | Image: WWE

Goldberg added that he did not feel welcome in the promotion due to his real-life tensions with current WWE CCO Triple H, where he claimed that the latter did not like him.


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Given the heat between both parties, it looks like Goldberg will look to book his retirement match someplace else after Vince McMahon failed to deliver it. 


Published March 22nd, 2024 at 12:23 IST