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WWE legend Bret Hart again RIPS APART Goldberg, explains what really is 'Bill Goldberg wrestling'

Bret Hart takes a swipe at Goldberg. The two-time WWE Hall of Famer hasn't forgotten the errant kick of Goldberg that led to Hitman retiring from the sport.

Reported by: Prateek Arya
Bret Hart and Goldberg | Image:WWE

It is ironic that perhaps the greatest in-ring performer, who kept all the measures to keep his opponents safe throughout his career, eventually had to retire due to an in-ring injury. Bret "The Hitman Hart" has always encouraged wrestlers to act professionally inside the squared circle. To disseminate further lessons, Hart recently commented on the state of modern wrestling.

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Bret Hart on the state of wrestling

In an interview with Fox Sports Wrestling, Bret Hart pointed out what all is wrong in the prevalent state of wrestling.

“I find a lot of the wrestlers today are like, when they land where they land, they realize 30 seconds later that they’re in the wrong spot, and they start wiggling all the way across the ring to get in the right position. That’s a fail. You get an F in my wrestling academy when you do stuff like that,” said Hart.


While he did acknowledge that there are good wrestlers in the field, but also stressed on the issue that the stream is filled with subpar athletes, who lack the required in-ring proficiency. The two-time Hall of Famer also voiced his issue with a move like "chop."

“What a bunch of baloney,” said The Hitman. “Nobody ever won a match with a chop. All the wooing. It’s really taking away from the beauty and the art of great wrestling.”


About Chops, Hart has a bi-dimensional view. He sees the move as a way to get cheap heat from the crowd, however, also admits that the respective striking hurts, which is against the art of Pro-Wrestling in Hart's view.

“In my understanding of pro wrestling, anytime anyone does anything to you that hurts, for real — chopping, putting blisters on your chest when you go to your room or bed, anytime anyone does things to you for real, they’re in the wrong business. They’re doing it wrong,” Hart said.


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Hart takes a shot at Bill Goldberg

Bret Hart concluded the chat by taking a swipe at Bill Goldberg. Goldberg's reckless kick during a 1999 contest led to Hart retiring from the sport. Hart made it known that it is usual to feel sore after an exhausting in-ring action but coming to the hotel facility with a lump on the head, a black eye, and totled teeth, qualifies under "Bill Goldberg wrestling. That’s not how it’s done.” 


Published February 6th, 2024 at 18:26 IST