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HealthifyMe launches CoWIN slot notifier platform called VaccinateMe: Check how to use

HealthifyMe, like many other companies, is aiding India's vaccination drive by launching a new platform that helps users find appointments nearby.

Sanjana Kalyanpur

As the vaccination drive opens up for India's biggest demographic, plenty of preparation is going in the works to make the process as smooth as possible. Health-tech startup HealthifyMe has joined hands with Cowin to launch a platform that helps people find vaccination slots nearby in real-time. This new Cowin slot notifier platform is called VaccinateMe and is available on both web and mobile phones. Here's everything you need to know about VaccinateMe.

HealthifyMe launches Cowin Slot Notifier called VaccinateMe

VaccinateMe comes with various filters that aim to provide ease to users when they search for slots in real-time. These automated filters come in categories. You can search for vaccine slots for 45+ category, search for vaccine slots for 18+ category, search for Covishield, search for Covaxin, and so on. To access this portal, one can simply access it from the Vaccinate Me website or from the HealthifyMe app. Please note that this platform only works as a vaccine slot tracker. This means that while you can look for the latest appointment near your area through VaccinateMe, you cannot book an appointment on the platform as that is only possible through the government-led Cowin portal.

How to use the Vaccinate Me website?

  • Visit the official website of Vaccinate Me -
  • On the homepage, the user will be required to enter their District or Pincode.
  • A list of filters will show up like the ones mentioned above. For instance, age group, choice of vaccine, free or paid vaccination centres, etc.
  • After choosing the filter, the latest appointments pertaining to the user's area will show up on the platform.
  • The user is required to choose the centre they want and proceed to book their appointment for the same via the Cowin portal. This can be done using the 'Book on Cowin' link that will be provided on the platform.
  • In case any appointment doesn't show up, the platform also provides the option of 'Notify me' for when a slot opens up. The platform will automatically notify users about the availability via SMS, WhatsApp or email.

The fitness company also stated in the statement that it intends to add more features and filters to the platform to further improve the user experience over the next couple of days. Meanwhile, several other platforms have also set up their own vaccine slot tracker that connects users to Cowin. For instance, chat services like WhatsApp and Telegram are working on a helpdesk chatbot with the same purpose as HealthifyMe.



Published May 7th, 2021 at 12:18 IST

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