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IPX8/IPX7/IP68 explained: What are these electronic device ratings and what do they do?

IPX8 is one of the best protections users can have on their smartphone devices. Read to know about similar IP ratings for electronic devices.

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Electronics like smartphones and watches have evidently become a day-to-day necessity for people around the world. People use their devices to get through their days with the assistance of their smart devices. However, some users can be accident-prone which leads to the devices either getting cracked or exposed to water. Smartphone manufacturers have taken into consideration that users might spoil their device with water and thus they provide an IP rating to their devices. Bt, what is the IP rating? 

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IP Ratings explained

IP rating stands for 'Ingress Protection Rating' or even 'International Protection Rating'. The IP code is a standard that has been set by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), according to the commission, the IP codes have been set forward in order to classify what level of protection is provided to the device by its enclosures. The first number of the rating code determines the degree of protection one device has. Whereas, if the IP rating has an X in front of it, then it determines that the device has not been tested against the entry of solid objects. 

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A device which has an IPX7 rating is fully submersible in water. However, users need to know that the device will only be underwater for up to half an hour and up to 3 feet in depth. If the rating provided to the device is true, it should be able to function one got out of the water. However, it is advised for users to dry their device before using it. Rain, a splash of water, and accidental submersion are the best-case scenario for this rating as it can easily handle the stress.

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IPX8 takes the protection a notch higher. It protects the device against water submersion for an extended period of time, ranging from what the manufacturer has identified it to be. A device with an IPX8 rating can be submerged for over 1-meter depth. 

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As of now, IP68 is the best rating anyone can have for their device. It provides users with protection from dust and submersion in water. People having devices with IP68 rating need not worry about the device getting caught in the dust as it provides complete protection from it. However, the water submersion level of 1-meter and half an hour stays intact here.

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