Facebook Integrating Crisis Response Feature With WhatsApp For Better Disaster Management


Facebook is expanding its 'Crisis Response' feature. Crisis Response' feature allows users to find information about recent crises and use 'Safety Check' option

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Facebook's 'Crisis Response' feature allows users to find information about recent crises and use 'Safety Check' to connect with your friends and loved ones in the state of a crisis or natural calamity. It allows users to mark themselves safe and seek help from others. Now, Facebook is expanding its 'Crisis Response' feature to enable WhatsApp integration. In fact, the company has also announced certain new features and tools for better disaster management, displacement maps, etc.

WhatsApp integration is one of the new features coming to 'Crisis Response.' As a result of WhatsApp integration, you can request/offer help through WhatsApp, in addition to Facebook Messenger.

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In addition to WhatsApp integration with Crisis Response feature, Facebook is also expanding 'Data for Good' tools. Facebook is partnering with more than 100 organisations. As a result of this partnership, Facebook will provide disaster maps and relief organisations with necessary information on where to distribute supplies. Facebook will provide partnered organisations with information based on aggregated and anonymised data.

Eventually, Facebook will be able to share these updates with the state as well as local officials and federal relief agencies, courtesy of partnerships with organisations like Direct Relief and the National Alliance for Public Safety GIS (NAPSG) Foundation.

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