Easy And Simple Tips To Hide Multiple Applications On Your Smartphone


One may want to hide certain apps on their phone for varied reasons. Here, several ways are specified to hide smartphone applications in quick time. Read more

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Hiding applications on their phones can be seen as a sneaky act. But it can be is a good precautionary measure that one can take to protect their private information in case the phone gets lost or stolen (or maybe when it gets checked by someone). With the Android system, hiding certain sensitive apps can be an easy task, and thus one can protect any information that they do not wish to divulge to outsiders with ease. 

This can also be effective when one is expected to share their phone with others- keeping the app and the app information hidden can prevent leaking of sensitive private information. So if one wishes to learn how to hide apps on phone, the guide is given below.

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Easiest Ways to Hide Apps on Your Phone

Method 1: Disabling installed apps

  • Go to Settings and select Apps from the options.
  • Tap on the app that needs to be disabled.
  • On the app info section, tap on the Disable option.
  • When the confirmation message appears asking if the user wants to disable the app, select Disable.
  • Once disabled, the concerned app will no longer appear with the rest of the apps on your phone.

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Method 2: Hiding apps in a secure folder

A lot of the new Android phones come with an option called the Secure Folder, which allows the user to store their private documents, right from apps to pictures, videos, and text docs in a more secure space. The secure folder can be accessed through a password or fingerprint only, which gives it an additional layer of security. Documents moved in the security folder will not appear in their normal positions on the phone, which also makes it a great way to hide phone apps. To do this, one must:

  • Locate the secure folder on the phone first. Most new Android phones have one, it is the user’s task to discover what the secure space in their phone is known as.
  • Setting up the secure space usually takes a while, because the storage system asks for passwords and biometric confirmation to establish the security system.
  • Once the folder has been set up, one can move all their private documents and apps to the security folder.
  • Now, no one except the user will be able to get through to the information in the secure folder.

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If one does not find any security folders on their phone, then one may choose to download such hidden vault apps off the internet. These apps to hide apps provide the same facilities as a built-in security space would provide, and their chief aim is to keep the user’s information private and hidden on their phone. Want to try and hide any app on your Android phone using this technique?

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