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4 Interactive Games To Play On Zoom With Your Loved Ones Amidst Lockdown

List of interactive games to play on zoom with your loved ones amidst lockdown. Read on to know details about the games and have a light-hearted moment with all

interactive games to play on zoom

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the world has come to a halt. People are forced to stay home and indoors in order to curb the disease. Therefore, a lot of people have resorted to social media and digital platforms to stay in touch with their friends and family and keep each other entertained. Meeting your loved ones on Zoom has become a trend these days, so here is a list of virtual games you can play with your family and friends. Read on to know.

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Scavenger hunt

In this game, each player can take turns to be the leader who calls out names for things. In this game, you will have to name objects that are commonly found in the household. The game goes like this: The leader will have to name an object (example: a box of cookies) and then all the players will have to go and get a box of cookies from their house. Whoever returns first wins the round.

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This is a fun and interactive game to play on Zoom. It requires a player to begin telling a story, so put your thinking caps on. The next person will have to add another sentence to the story and so on and so forth. Keep a time limit to the game so that it can remain interesting.

Would you Rather?

It is the perfect way to have a light-hearted moment with your loved ones as you ask them silly questions and share a laugh together. In this, you require to come up with a situation where both the options seem bad. For example, ask the other members that would they rather have sandpaper instead of toilet paper or have vinegar instead of eye drops. Another example is, would you rather be too short or a giant. The members have to choose either of the options. 

Memory game

Each player has to name an object in alphabetical order. You can divide the categories into fruits, vegetables, colours or none at all. The twist in the game is that each person has to remember the series of things that have been said right from the first letter. For example, the first person says Apple. The next person has to say Apple, Ball. The next person would have to say Apply, Ball, Chess. So on and so forth.

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