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Is Bumble Down Right Now? User Updates & Current Server Status; Read

A number of Bumble users have reported issues with login, sending messages on the platform and more. Is Bumble down? Get details on the current status.

Is Bumble down

Bumble is the second most popular dating app right now with over 5.03 million US mobile users. The app enjoys huge popularity and has seen a massive rise in user activity over the past few days which has led to a server outage at certain locations. 

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Is Bumble down?

Bumble had faced an outage today as users were not able to access the app for a few hours. The app is still likely down as updates continue to pour in from social media users. The app, which is available for both Android and iOS platforms, has faced some technical problems with the majority of reports based around server connectivity, while there are also complaints of user log-ins and not being able to send or receive messages. Here are a few reports from Twitter users:

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Bumble Twitter reports

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Bumble server status

The issue reportedly began to surface around 1 am yesterday with the highest number of complaints reported at around 2:30 AM. And while the reports started to go down by 3:30 AM, there was another surge after 6 AM. The issue, however, continues to persist. The company has not given an update as to when the issue will be resolved, although it has responded to certain users to better understand the issue. 

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