Who Is Fiddlesticks' Rework Voice Actor And How Did He Pull Off The Scary Voice?


Fiddlesticks rework is now up on the Patch 10.7 PBE cycle. Read on to know to who is Fiddlesticks rework voice actor and how he pulls off the terrifying voice.

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Fiddlesticks rework voice actor

The League of Legends fans will be happy to know that the Fiddlesticks' rework will be available very soon. And while a number of fans may find it hard to believe, the reworked Fiddlesticks was voiced by an actual human being.

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Kellen Goff - The Fiddlesticks' rework voice actor

The man behind the voice is American voice actor Kellen Goff, who has voiced a wide array of interesting video games characters throughout his career. He has voiced characters in a number of popular games, including SMITE, MapleStory, and Warframe. Goff has also performed in numerous animes, like One Punch Man and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.


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Kellen Goff has now opened up on his experience being a voice artist for the Harbinger of Death, and also explained how he manages to pull off such chilling inhuman sounds using his vocal cords.

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Voicing his character of Fiddlesticks

So the first part of delivering Fiddlesticks’ voice has to do with simply breathing inwards, which is perhaps a little more complicated than doing just that. Kellen Goff explained that he needs to put it in the upper right corner of the throat, which activates a bit of a whistling undertone. He added that it makes it sound as if two voices are talking at once, or the wind is talking, or a rusty gate. And while the trick may be an abstract one, the effect is quite terrifying as two different voices seem to come together in disharmony.

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As for the second part of nailing Fiddlesticks’ voice, it starts out as a whisper while breathing outward. And as the voice gets louder, it has to be pushed outwards to give it a haunting effect.

Goff also added that our throat is very fragile and that he advises against it if that hurts. He further added that if it actually hurts, one should stop practising and try it another day as it carries a risk of breaking off the muscle.

Goff also stated that he had been shivering with excitement as he started working on the character and that he just cannot describe how much he loved working on the project. He also said that he enjoyed every single session doing it.

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