PUBG On Indian Computers: Is This When PUBG Lite Beta Would Unlock To Players


PUBG Lite could be released in India in the very near future. The beta variant of the game is already live in multiple Asian regions. PUBG Lite loyalists in India could check out the game soon.

Written By Rahul R | Mumbai | Updated On:

PUBG Lite, the variant taking core PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) experiences even to low-end computers is only some time away from being released in India. The beta version of PUBG Lite has already seeded to numerous Asian countries viz Bangladesh, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and more. This signifies that the game would get onto PCs in India real quickly, could be in this quarter itself.

Now, the initial reason for expecting an imminent rollout in India is the fact that there seems to be a clear “Asian focus” as far as folks at PUBG Lite beta are concerned. As stated earlier, the Asian regions to which the watered-down PC variant has seeded to include the likes of Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar; with India representing a large chunk of gaming enthusiasts as far as PUBG is concerned and with the craze for the game having reached levels wherein there have been petitions calling to ban the game for a multitude of reasons; it only makes complete sense for PlayerUnknown's to seed at least a beta of PUBG lite to India - partly to break the notion of the game being addictive.

Here, remember that the Lite version is a toned-down variant of the main PUBG meaning the elements which were perceived as addictive in PUBG, may not be present in their full spate in PUBG Lite. Also, the elements of gore such as zombies would not have a presence within PUBG Lite meaning that the watered down variant of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would not actually be potentially harmful.

This could do a world of good for both the technical folks as well as players in India, from a pure gaming experience perspective.

Another aspect worth considering at this point in time is the fact that with markets such as Bangladesh also having received the ability to unlock (and play PUBG Mobile), is making the Indian PUBG players wait, worth at this point?

Hence, India could be the next Asian region for the PUBG Lite beta to unlock and let players experience the true core gameplay - rather than falling into addiction while neglecting their everyday duties such as work and studies. Don’t you think so?

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