Refreshing Instagram Accounts That Will Surely Rejuvenate Weary Minds


Difficult to be innovative on Instagram because everything has been seen & done? These refreshing Instagram accounts take up the challenge and deliver results.

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refreshing instagram accounts

With social media expanding by the minute, a lot of work is being done online. On the one hand, that’s a positive thing. But one downside of this is that ideas are becoming repetitive. Fortunately, some Instagram accounts still have something unique going on about them, and that’s what makes them so popular. Here are some of the best Instagram accounts, according to, that keep the freshness of the platform alive.

10 popular refreshing Instagram accounts to follow for inspiring content

1. @elisabetherin


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This account belongs to a school teacher who absolutely loves capturing the picturesque beauty of her home town to show it to the world. Resultantly, there are plenty of pictures of the coastline and sunlit forests to brighten anyone’s day.

2. @jacnor


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Using angles to capture the different perspectives of the world, this account can act as a source of inspiration to all aspiring artists out there.

3. @able_ground


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An account with soothing pictures of gems and crystals of various shapes and colour patterns- what more could one want? It’s a great place to come back to if one is having an exceptionally stressful day.

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4. @yoga_girl

refreshing instagram account

There are plenty of reasons why one should do yoga, and the Yoga Girl’s Instagram page shows that travelling around the world is one of them.

5. @jimmymarble

refreshing instagram accounts

The beaches and blue skies showcased on this Instagram page are major vacation goals. One should proceed with caution on this page- too much of it in one day can lead to sudden urges for an immediate break- and a one-way ticket to the City of Angles.

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6. @peachesandkeen


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Patterns, patterns and even more patterns- that is the only way to describe the posts on this Instagram account. The account belongs to Lucy and Lily, who work hard behind the scenes to come with the most aesthetically pleasing designs.

7. @leelacyd


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Food photography is popular on Instagram, and only a few people do it better than Leela. Her meals are photographed with not a single utensil out of place- and a lot of warmth and love in the frame.

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8. @sam_kalda


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Sam is an illustrator, and his account evinces his talent. His designs are fun and eccentric at the same time.

9. @gdax

This account actually belongs to a Buddhist monk living in Tibet. The majority of the posts on the page reveal the reality behind life in a monastery. The peace that emanates from the pictures is infectious, to say the least.

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