Creative Instagram Accounts: 5 Of The Best Handles That Will Get Creative Juices Flowing


Creative Instagram accounts can be great sources of instant inspiration for many, including the creators of the accounts themselves. Here are some to follow.

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creative instagram accounts

Because Instagram plays host to so many different accounts showcasing so many different talents, it is a melting pot of creativity and inspiration. There are creative Instagram accounts dedicated to almost every form of artwork from painting to designing, photography, and even makeup. In fact, no matter what the genre of art is, Instagram proves that it is possible to unleash the creative Kraken anytime, anywhere. Given below are the most creative Instagram accounts to follow for a daily dose of good vibes.

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5 Instagram accounts exuding sheer creativity


This Instagram account is dedicated entirely to different types of flower arrangements. The sheer beauty and imagination that exudes from these arrangements are sure to brighten up anybody’s day. One can almost touch the flowers through the screen; the effect is that brilliant. To people who love floral patterns and different types of flowers in general, this Instagram account is a must follow.

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Cooking cannot be boring, and the Norwegian cook Ida proves that food can be a source of constant inspiration. The sheer versatility of different food items and the different ways in which one can create art with them is shown beautifully on this account. Even for those who are not that interested in creating art, this account can put a smile on their face by means of the different ways in which Ida brings her dishes to life.

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This account is one which uses minimalism to its advantage. Using the pastel seascape as its base, Ana Marques seeks to explore the inherent depth and layered beauty of the same. There is a lot to look forward to when one visits this page- including aesthetically pleasing colour patterns, gorgeous natural scenes and extraordinarily picturesque nature.

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The name says it all. For people who are interested in making their own craft projects, this account is the perfect source of ideas. It has plenty of DIY projects that can keep anyone’s hands full on a particularly slow day. These projects also come with their own list of things needed and a step by step guide, so that the creator is assisted through every step. A creative Instagram account that quite explicitly encourages its followers to be creative- that’s a purpose served.


Paris combined with black and white photography? Who could say no to that? The owner of this account, Hannibal Renberg, takes his followers around Paris and clicks the most artistic pictures whose quality and aesthetic value is made even more valuable with the use of the black-and-white filter. The moments and street scenes snapped by the photographer create a sense of nostalgia that is truly inspiring.

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