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Skype For Business Mac Microphone Not Working? Here Is How To Fix It Easily

Skype for Business Mac microphone not working? Know how the issue can be fixed easily by following a few simple steps. Read below for details.

skype for business mac microphone not working

One of the common issue with Skype for business has always been with regards to the microphone not working during calls. There have been various instances on the internet where Skype users have complained about their microphones not working and have been looking for a possible fix for the same. Mac users have reportedly faced this issue much more often than windows users and it is also a very common occurrence for Mac users to not get access to the microphone during Skype calls. Here is how to possibly solve the issue - 

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How to fix Skype for business on Mac's microphone issue

  • To fix the issue, go to system preferences on your Mac
  • Find the Security & Privacy tab and access it 
  • Scroll down to 'Microphone' 
  • Under the Microphone option - a Skype pop-up with a checkbox will be visible 
  • Check the box
  • Mac will suggest users to restart the app
  • Restart Skype for business and the problem should be solved 

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Besides this, there a few other possible solutions for microphone not working on Skype for business on Mac. Some simple mistakes from the user-end can also lead to the microphone not working for Skype for business. Check out some other fixes for the microphone not working on Skype for business. 

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Check Skype for business settings

Skype for business by default mutes people joining a scheduled call. This is reportedly done to reduce noise from users who are not actively participating in the call. Users can unmute themselves by clicking on the microphone icon in the call window. 

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Check the microphone

It is important to check that the microphone of the Mac device is not muted. If an external microphone is being used, check whether the microphone is connected and functioning properly. Whereas some headsets have mute buttons, check whether they have been accidentally muted. 

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