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This Smart Cricket Bat Sensor Technology Can Study Shots Using A Mobile App

A Bengaluru-based sports-tech firm StanceBeam has launched a smart cricket bat sensor called StanceBeam Striker that can analyse shots using a smartphone app.

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Looks like sports-technology startups are on the rise these days. A Bengaluru-based sports-technology company StanceBeam has launched a smart cricket bat sensor that can analyse shots using a smartphone app. The sensor was launched at the hands of Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan.

StanceBeam Striker

The Sensor called StanceBeam Striker is essentially an Internet of Thing (IoT) enabled device. It provides users with useable, real-time and instant 360-degree batting performance data analytics. This data is expected to help players and their coaches study and improve batting performance. StanceBeam Striker is priced at Rs 7,999.

StanceBeam Striker is a swappable sensor that can go up on any cricket bat, turning a regular bat into a smart tech device. The sensor analyses bat speed, 3D swing analysis, power factor and shot efficiency, enables capture of smart videos, all in real-time.

"Our product equips both players and their coaches, with knowledge and insights into techniques so that they can improve their game. StanceBeam Striker will be a great coaching tool as it provides instant feedback giving everyone a chance to become a better batsman," StanceBeam chief  Arminder Thind said.

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According to him, the entire product was conceptualised, designed and manufactured in India and has been tested by the lab at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, showing 98 to 99 per cent accuracy in the sensor's shot analytics.

He added that Dhawan would be the face of the brand

"Shikhar Dhawan was our first choice, considering his penchant for technique and innovation, that has been demonstrated time and again on the field. We are excited about the partnership and looking forward to making cricket an exciting game," Thind added.

Last week, Z-Bat sports-tech startup launched in Mumbai. Z-Bats have the swappable sensor that goes on top of the bat's handle, It can gauge a player's performance from a different set of metrics like your weight, height, strength and so on. The algorithm would then combine the player's data with the data Z-Bat sensor pulls out of their practice session in the company's basement.

Based on the results, Z-Bat said it will suggest a number of bats so that you can make an informed decision on what bat you want to purchase.

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