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How To Get Guess The Gibberish Filter On Instagram? How To Do Guess The Gibberish?

What is Guess the Gibberish filter on Instagram? How to get the Gibberish filter? Check out the steps to get the new, trending Instagram filter.

what is guess the gibberish filter

Instagram filters are a combination of effects used to enhance your Instagram photos or videos before posting. Recently, a lot of filters have been made popular by Instagram users. The basic process of applying the filter is to upload the photo or video and then edit it using filters. However, some new filters which provide placard-like functionality have also become popular on Instagram. Take a look at the newest entry in the world of Instagram filters called the Gibberish filter. It is created by an entrepreneur named Christopher Gu. Take a look at how to get the Guess the Gibberish filter on your Instagram app. 

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What is Guess the Gibberish filter on Instagram?

  • The basic purpose of the Gibberish filter is to have fun and also to check on how fast your mind works to decode the gibberish phrase.
  • For example, when you start the Gibberish filter, it shows a gibberish phrase like "he'll lawn mosque". You would be given 10 seconds to decode the actual phrase, which in this case is "Elon Musk".
  • The filter currently has 200 phrases. Take a look at the snip of a video which was uploaded by the creator of the Instagram filter, Christopher Gu, on his Instagram story. 
what is guess the gibberish filter, how to get guess the gibberish filter, how to do guess the gibberish

Image courtesy: Christopher Gu Instagram story

what is guess the gibberish filter, how to get guess the gibberish filter, how to do guess the gibberish

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How to get the Guess the Gibberish filter on Instagram?

  • The Guess the Gibberish filter was recently launched and for it to work on your Instagram app, you need to ensure that the app is updated to the latest version.
  • The filter works the same way as the earlier viral Instagram filters like “Which Disney character are you?”. However, this Instagram filter will actually make you use your brain.
  • After updating your Instagram app to the latest version, go to search by tapping the magnifying glass symbol.
  • Find the Instagram handle called gu_christopher.
  • Check his bio to get the Instagram filter or you can even go to his story to get a demo of the filter before tapping on "Try it".
  • You can also swipe to see the filters he has used and the first one to show will be the Gibberish filter as it was launched a day ago.
  • You can even save the Gibberish filter to your camera to use it for your further uses, after saving it once, you can directly use it from your 'Stories' section. 
  • Go to the story section on your Instagram app and tap on 'Try it', there you will have all the filters that are available for your use.

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