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What Is Pulse Oximeter App For IPhone And How Does It Measure Your Heart Rate?

Pulse Oximeter app is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. Continue reading to learn what is Pulse Oximeter app for and how it works.

What is Pulse Oximeter app

The Pulse Oximeter is an iPhone app from digiDoc which measures both heart rate and the oxygen saturation with the help of the phone’s camera to detect the user’s pulse and oxygen levels from their fingertip. It does so by combining the heart rate with blood oxygen saturation. The app comes integrated with Apple Health and does not require some external equipment or device to perform its function. You simply need to have an iPhone.

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How does Oximeter app work?

Similar to other heart rate applications, the Pulse Oximeter requires a user to place a finger on the phone camera lens and wait for a couple of few seconds as the app takes the measurements. The app also involves an additional calibration process at the start which switches the LED flash on the phone to adjust Pulse Oximeter before a user places their finger on the device.

Once a user has placed their finger on the camera lens, it takes them through the calibration and measurement following a bunch of on-screen prompts to make it easier to use. After a minute or so, the app notifies the user that the monitoring has been completed before displaying the heart rate and SpO2 measurement.

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Who can use the Pulse Oximeter app?

The Pulse Oximeter app is not intended for any kind of medical use. It is only meant to be used by sports professionals or anyone who is interested in checking their blood oxygenation level (SpO2) and heart rate. One can use the app in a wide range of settings, such as running, hiking, between workouts, and a number of other activities.

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Oximeter app download

The Pulse Oximeter app is currently available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad users. To download the app, you need to launch the App Store on your device and search for “Pulse Oximeter - Heart Rate and Oxygen Monitor App” or visit the link here to download it for free.

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Image credits: digiDoc Pulse Oximeter | App Store

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