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Why Is Pinterest Not Working On IPhone? Here Is How To Fix The Glitch

Why is Pinterest not working on iPhone has been the complaint of many users. Read below how one can fix the glitch on the crashing Pinterest app.

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Amir Khollam
why is pinterest not working

The well known social media platform Pinterest is unique as it provides users to find various articles, photos and blogs about several topics. The social media platform reportedly has 320 million monthly active users which makes it one of the most prominent platforms for users to share the content they desire. Now, it is being revealed by many iPhone users that the Pinterest application keeps crashing. 

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Pinterest keep crashing on iPhone

Off-late, many iPhone users have come forward and complained about the Pinterest app keeps on crashing on their device. Some also took a video of the Pinterest app crashing and uploaded them on social media platforms. The general complaint of iPhone users revolve around the app shutting down itself as it is launched. 

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This is not the first time the Pinterest app has crashed on various iPhone devices. Back in 2016, it was reported that the app kept on crashing on a number of iPhone, iPad and Mac devices. It is a known fact for Pinterest users to watch the application glitch from time to time. Though there is no official explanation as to why the frequent glitches keep on happening, there have been some simple tricks which have proven helpful in the past. Below are some tips which can help get users back on Pinterest in no time. 

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  • Ensure your iPhone device is connected to a stable internet connection. 
  • Clean up the storage of the Pinterest app by clearing the cache. 
  • If the glitch is still persistent, try to uninstall the application then reinstall it.
  • Reboot your iPhone device then try to open the Pinterest application. 
  • Check for the latest update of Pinterest on the App Store and update your application, if not done before. \

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