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AC Valhalla Ysane Location: Learn Where To Find All The Musicians In AC Valhalla

AC Valhalla has many quests in which players would need to find certain characters in order to complete. Learn AC Valhalla Ysane Location here.

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AC Valhalla is the latest game delivered by Ubisoft. This game acknowledges the employment of continuing with the long-standing Assassins Creed foundation. This game is an activity of RPG and incorporates all the huge RPG segments that are required. Players can make choices in the game and these choices have impacts. There is a pretty significant capacity tree that players can use to update their character. There are many side activities that players can participate in too. Players have been inquiring about AC Valhalla Ysane Location.

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AC Valhalla Ysane Location

When the players reach Lunden, they will come across a side quest. This side quest will task the players to bring a band of three musicians back together. The musicians that the players need to reunite are Cynewulf, Kitt, and Ysane. Out of the 3, Ysane Location is the most difficult to find. Check out the Ysane Location and other musicians' locations below:

Cynewulf – Hint: Imprisoned

  • Cynewulf is imprisoned at a fort in North Lunden, the players need to infiltrate this fort and free the prisoners.
  • Cynewulf is imprisoned in one of the two large cages at the fort.

Kitt – Hint: Seen near the church

  • Kitt can found playing the lute outside St Paul’s Cathedral.

Ysane – Hint: playing venues in Lundenwic

  • Ysane can be found playing music towards the northwest of St Paul’s Cathedral.

AC Valhalla On Borrowed Time Quest

For the On Borrowed Time quest, the players will have to head to Snotinghamscire. Here they need to move towards the Ulkerthorpe Fort to start the quest. Once they reach the fort, they need to talk to a character called Vili. Vili will ask Eivor to follow him and take him to one of the Villages nearby. This is a burning village and Vili needs Eivor’s help to rescue the survivors.

Eivor will have to carry out the survivors from the burning house to rescue them; Vili will help Eivor get into the burning houses so that others can be rescued. After every survivor is rescued, the players will have to travel to a large waterfall in Hemthrope and find Vili. While having a conversation with Vili, they will be notified that Hemming is very close to passing away and Eivor and Vili will have to rush back to him.

When they arrive at the location, Hemming will pass away and Eivor and Vili will have to prepare for this character’s funeral. To set up the Funeral, the players will have to find a Funeral Pyre, which they will receive from Trygve. After the funeral is completed, the quest will be too.

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