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Fortnite Weekly Challenge: Deal Damage To A Loot Shark, Learn How To Do It

Fortnite releases new challenges every week for the players to complete and earn some XP too. Learn more about Deal Damage to a Loot Shark in Fortnite.


Back with the Fortnite Challenges, every new week there are a new set of challenges that players can participate in. Fortnite tries to provide a number of ways for players to gain XP and progress further in the Battle Pass and Weekly Challenges are one of the best ways to do that. Epic refreshes these challenges each week and provides themes for them too. Deal damage to a loot shark in Fortnite is one of the latest challenges and players want to learn more about it.

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Deal Damage to a Loot Shark in Fortnite

One of the latest challenges in the Week 9 Challenges of Fortnite needs the players to fight the water beast. This time the players need to deal damage to loot sharks and the best way to do that is emptying the cartridge on them. To deal damage the players should first learn the shark locations in Fortnite. Check out the Shark Locations in Fortnite below:

  • Rickety Rig
  • The Fortilla
  • Sweaty Sands
  • Pleasant Park
  • Misty Meadows

What is a Loot Shark?

Many players want to know what is a Loot Shark. As the name implies, it is a beast in the water that can deal damage to the players. This beast also carries valuable loot that will drop once it is defeated. Loot Sharks also glow according to the rarity of weapons they have eaten, when it eats a legendary, epic, or mythic weapon in the game. Players can also use a fishing rod on the Loot Shark to ride the shark on the water as a Jetski. Loot Sharks look extremely scary and they aren’t just a mean face, if they aren’t dealt with properly it could become a serious problem for the players.

Fortnite Season 5 Weekly Challenges

Fortnite Season 5 Weekly Challenges for week 9 have been released. These Weekly Challenges are a fantastic way for the player to collect massive amounts of XP to level up faster in the battle pass and claim the much-needed cosmetic enhancements. Grinding and completing all Weekly Challenges will grant the player a huge XP boost. There are normal weekly challenges and legendary challenges this time around. Check out all the Fortnite Weekly Challenges for week 9 below:

  • Shakedown an IO Guard (1)
  • Find a hidden bunker (1)
  • Find the crashed plane's black box (1)
  • Deal damage while in water (200)
  • Emote at stone statues (1)
  • Ride the Steamy Stacks (1)
  • Deal damage to a Loot Shark (500)

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