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Did Lazarbeam Quit Fortnite? Learn More About Lazarbeam Fortnite Quit Here

Did Lazarbeam Quit Fortnite is what every fan of the popular Youtuber wants to know. Find out more about Lazarbeam Quitting Fortnite here

did lazarbeam quit fortnite

Fortnite has changed and developed a lot over the years, some of these changes have been appreciated by the players and some have been looked down upon. There was a phase when many famous YouTubers were turned off from Fortnite and Epic for quite some time as they weren’t happy with how the game was evolving. Due to this change in pace, many YouTubers went on to make videos on different games. Many people are wondering Did Lazarbeam quit Fortnite.

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Did Lazarbeam quit Fortnite?

Lazarbeam is a renowned and extremely popular YouTuber. He is most popularly known for the videos that he has made on Fortnite. Lazarbeam started out making gaming videos on many games such as Madden, Happy Wheels, Minecraft and more, but his channel really started booming when the youtuber started posting Fortnite videos regularly.

Lazarbeam is an Australian youtuber who is quite the popular chap amongst the young Fortnite players. Majority of his fanbase was created by videos of him playing Fortnite so the news of him deciding to quit came as a shock to most people. All his fans panicked when they thought their favourite Youtuber won’t be part of Fortnite anymore. Lazarbeam was playing a battle royale match when he was shot down at the 5th position in the game. This instigated him and Lazarbeam Quit Fortnite in a rage. After he quit the game, Lazarbeam also mentioned that he will be deleting and uninstalling the application and won’t be a part of Fortnite anymore.

Lazarbeam quit Fortnite in a rage and all that he said after he quit the game could just be the built up anger from being beat so close to the victory royale. However, the youtuber could also be serious about quitting Fortnite as he already had reduced posting videos about Fortnite by a lot, from almost every alternate day it went on to once in a month or two months.

Lazarbeam Fortnite Quit hasn't been mentioned on any of his social media handles. The Lazarbeam Fortnite Quitting idea only stems from the video in which he quit the game in a rage after being beat by one of his enemies while he could almost taste the victory royale. For now he hasn’t been posting any videos on Fortnite, but there’s no telling when the youtuber could change his mind and go back to playing Fortnite again.

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