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How To Join Fortnite Daily Duos Cup? Learn Requirements, Eligibility And More

How to join Fortnite daily duos cup? Are you eligible? What are the requirements? Here is all you need to know before entering the FNCS tournaments.

how to join fortnite daily duos cup

Epic Games has finally released its Fortnite Daily Duos Cup Chapter 2 Season 2, which is available across every competitive region. This adventurous Fortnite tournament will last till the end of April 30, 2020. Players across the globe are wanting to enter in the tournaments of this incredible survival game as it is skyrocketing with venture and fun.

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup rules

Source ~ Epic games

With simple rules and format, the FNCS tournament is amongst the most interesting video game tournaments in the world. The event, Fortnite Daily Duos Cup is played in a team of two. Each and every participant team is provided with three hours to play ten games and earn as many points as they can. The team with the highest points is announced as the winner and awarded the prize money. The winner of the first place gets a monetary cash payout of USD 750 per week. So, the total money presented by the tournament as per the number of days for all the regions goes up to USD 200K.

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How to join Fortnite Daily Duos Cup?

Many players across the globe are asking the question, "How to join Fortnite Daily Duos Cup?" However, to participate in the event, each player must agree (if minor, a player’s parent or legal guardian must agree on such player’s behalf) to follow the rules of the cup at all times. By participating in any game or match that is part of the event, a player is confirming that he or she has accepted these rules and will not disobey them. 

Anyone with authentication can join the Cup from Xbox, Playstation or PC. To join, you just have to click on the option of the 'Fortnite Daily Duos Cup' and start your venture. If there is a problem, try switching your 2FA to an Authenticator app and it will be fixed.

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Fortnite Daily Duos Cup requirements

  • To be eligible to participate in any Daily Duos Cup match, a player must be at least 13 years old (or more as per the country guidelines). The players below the age criteria of 18 are considered as minor and require parental or a guardian's approval to participate.
  • Players who mislead or attempt to mislead Event Administrators by providing false eligibility information will be subject to disciplinary actions
  • Employees, officers, directors, agents, and representatives of Epic, including their family members or people directly connected to them are not eligible for the game.
  • Only players with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) are allowed to enter the game.

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A set of matches are played until there is a winner or multiple winners. This is determined using any of these methods:

  • Completion of a set number of matches.
  • Completion of a set period.

Amendments in Fortnite Daily Duos Cup

Epic may update, revise, change, or modify these rules from time to time. For each player, their participation in the tournament after any update, revision, change, or modification to these rules will be regarded as acceptance of these rules by such players.

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