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Fortnite Daily Duos Cup Leaderboard: Week Two Day One Winners' List

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard stats: Know about the stats of which team secured the top place in the week two day one of the Fortnite tournament.

fortnite daily duos cup

Epic Games have released a very new batch of the tournament series called Fortnite Daily Duos, which is available across every competitive region. The Fortnite tournament will last till April 30, 2020. Players across the globe are giving tough competition to their opponents and the tournament is skyrocketing with adventure and fun.

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup rules

The FNCS tournament consists of simple rules and format. The Fortnite Daily Duos is played in a team of two and every participant team is given three hours to play ten games and earn as many points as possible. The team with the highest points is announced as the winner and awarded the prize money. The first place is entitled to a monetary cash payout of USD 750 per week. So, if you factor the number of days for all the regions, the prize pool goes up to USD 200K.

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Fortnite Daily Duos Cup Elimination

A team is eliminated when the HP and Shield has been depleted off by the other team. An elimination credit is defined with the help of the activity feed which is available at the bottom left corner of the gameplay screen, and the UI showcasing the total number of eliminations that were secured during one match.

Placement in the Daily Duos Cup leaderboard

This is determined by a player or the time spent by a duo in play during a match, relative to that of the competitors, before being eliminated. Placement rank is displayed on the UI whenever a person is eliminated.


A set of matches are played until there is a winner or multiple winners. This is determined using any of the following methods:

  1. Completion of a set number of matches.
  2. Completion of a set period.

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Daily Duos Cup leaderboard

At the end of the session, the top scorers are listed on the in-game leaderboard for every region and awarded with the respective prizes. The tournament (Session 1) has already taken place for the NA East and NA West. Take a look at the leaderboard here:

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - Europe

Other incredible duos in Europe inside top-50

  • Mitr0 and Crr
  • Keolys and Blacky
  • Hardfind and AstroSMZ
  • GODSENT Znappy and GODSENT Wakie
  • Stompy and COOLER Aqua
  • Ghost Issa and Ghost Kamo
  • K1nzell and MSF Endretta
  • Wolfiez and Atlantis LeTsHe
  • Gambit Toose and qvado
  • VP Jamside and Secret Domentos
  • BL Anas and Booohai
  • BL Raifla and BL SliX
  • Atlantis Kaxie and Atlantis Magin
  • IFlikk and Wave Fray
  • Veloce lolb0om and Veloce Core
  • BL Pr0vokd and Tuckz717
  • Kiryache32 and Gambit letw1k3

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - NA East

Other incredible duos in NA East inside top-50

  • NRG Zayt and Ghost Saf
  • TSM ZexRow and TSM MackWood
  • 100T Ceice and Ghost Bizzle
  • SEN Animal and SEN Aspect
  • Mikey and Grandmateets
  • Sway and Scrubz
  • SEN Zyfa and Eclipsae
  • CizLucky and Lazar
  • E11 Grazca and E11 Daxor

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Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - NA West

Other incredible duos in NA West inside top-50

  • Ghost Aydan and Icy
  • 100T Falconer and Liquid Riversan
  • Daddy Slavs and daddy favs
  • Bumboy and 4DRStorm
  • Dopi and Kytrex
  • Mony and Ghost Sean
  • CLG Jay and Little
  • CLG Leno and CLG Symetrical

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - Oceania 

Other incredible duos in Oceania inside top-50

  • Gooboz and Worthy
  • Jahlyn and Parpy
  • Breso and Dylan
  • Zoreh and Gheez
  • Sync and Looter
  • Alecc and Desire
  • Jynx and Kquid
  • X2Jordan and X2 Jesse

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Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - Brazil

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - Asia

Fortnite Daily Duos Cup leaderboard - Middle East

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