Why Free Fire Is Not Working? Reasons, Upcoming Features And More


Why Free Fire is not working? Find out why Free Fire is not working and know when you will be able to play the game again. Also, learn about upcoming updates.

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Why Free Fire is not working

Free Fire is a Battle Royale mobile game by Garena and is available for both iOS and Android-powered smartphones. Since the game was released on December 4, 2017, it has attracted more than 450 million users, thanks to its exciting gameplay and features. With the growing user base, the game continually undergoes maintenance and works on improving the gaming experience for its massive user base.

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Why Free Fire is not working?

As noted above, the game occasionally goes through maintenance and updates to improve the gameplay and implement new features. Free Fire is currently undergoing maintenance and both new and existing users will not be able to open the app on their devices right now.

Free Fire server down – When can you start playing the game?

The Free Fire game servers will be down for maintenance on February 25 from 12:00 to 19:00 (GMT + 8). Players will not be able to log in during this time. However, once the maintenance period is over, the game will be back up and you will be able to access it again.

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Do you need to update your Free Fire app post the maintenance period?

No, users will not be required to update the app after the maintenance period.

Free Fire update – Here’s what to expect

Once Free Fire is back live, it will come with these new features:

Kalahari map

Kalahari is an arid map which has been inspired by the real Kalahari Desert, covering most of Botswana in Africa. Free Fire may also finally feature a full version of the Kalahari map. The company has advertised that the feature will be soon coming to the app, but it hasn’t confirmed if it will be included in the latest update. However, it is likely that the latest update will come with the full Kalahari map.

A test version of the map was first included in December 2019 but was soon removed from the game in January last month. It was only able to have 20 players and had some bugs. The company had launched the test version of the Kalahari map to gather feedback from users to understand and improve on it, therefore it was available for a limited period only.

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Rank mode

Like other Battle Royale games, Free Fire also has a rank system. With the latest Free Fire update, the game will bring two new weapons to the rank mode – A double mag and an Ice gun.

*If you are looking to rank up a lot faster in Free Fire, you will need to collect as many RPs as you can. Users can also get these by winning games. The longer you stay in the battle, the more RPs you will get. Apart from this, if you manage to kill more enemies in the battle, you can rank up a lot quicker.

Advanced Attachment

The latest Free Fire update will also feature a new AWM Armour piercer and a Plasma gun.

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