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How To Unlock Oppo Phone Password If You've Forgotten The Pattern? Here Are 3 Easy Tricks

How to unlock Oppo phone password? If you have forgotten the pattern or the password of your Oppo smartphone, do not worry you can unlock it easily. Learn how.

how to unlock oppo phone

Oppo Reno 3 Global Variant has recently earned many thumbs up as many people loved the new specifications, camera set up and more. Oppo is growing in the Indian market with an incredible line of smartphones that are loved by many users in the country. With the growing number of smartphone buyers, the organisation has managed to get a hold of many tech lovers with its alluring features and flexible pricing. However, many new buyers are not tech-savvy and there have been times when people have forgotten their password or pattern overnight right after changing it. Forgetting password is amongst the common problems faced by smartphone users but, Oppo users can unlock their phones easily in few easy steps. If you have forgotten your password and you want to learn how to unlock Oppo phone password, here is everything you need to know-

How to unlock Oppo phone password if forgot the pattern?

Factory Reset Method

  • Step 1: Turn off your Oppo smartphone by holding down the Power button for a few seconds.
  • Step 2: After your phone is turned off press and hold together the Volume Down and Power button for a few seconds.
  • Step 3: When the OPPO logo shows up on the screen, release all the buttons.
  • Step 4: Later, select your preferred language by using Volume buttons and the Power button to select it.
  • Step 5: Select Wipe data and cache twice and confirm by pressing the Power Button.
  • Step 6: Confirm the process by selecting 'Yes' with the Power button.
  • Step 7: Scroll to “Reboot” using the Volume buttons and press the Power button to restart the device’s system.

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How to unlock Oppo phone password from the Google Account?

  • Visit web page.
  • Now, enter your login details such as your Gmail and your password.
  • Click on “Lock”.
  • Then, enter a new lock screen password and click “Lock” again.
  • As soon as you click on "Lock" your Oppo Smartphone will have a new password and will be unlocked.

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How to unlock Oppo phone password from the Google Find My Device feature?

If you have forgotten the password of your Oppo smartphone you can choose to erase all the data using your Google 'Find My Device' option. The steps are easy and simple. Use these steps to easily erase all the data from your phone. This method can also be used in case the phone is lost or stolen.

  • Open any browser and visit the Android Device Manager.
  • Log in with the Google account with the same account which is logged in on your Oppo smartphone.
  • After logging in, there will be three different options Play Sound, Secure device and Erase device.
  • Click on Erase device option.
  • Then choose the Erase all data menu.
  • Now, Tap on the Erase option.

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