India Offers Cheapest 4G Data, Users Spend An Average Of 70 Mins On OTT Platforms: Report


India offers the cheapest 4G data in the world and there has been a huge spike in internet users recently. Read on to learn more about 4G consumption in India.

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India offers the cheapest 4G data in the world and there has been a huge spike in internet users recently. Read on to learn more about 4G consumption in India

Internet traffic has seen massive growth in India in recent years. During the period between 2015 to 2019, data has seen a growth of up to 44 times which is among the highest across the world, according to a recent report released by Nokia Mobile Broadband India Traffic Index.

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4G users in India – The rise of 4G

The overall internet traffic has seen a surge of 47 per cent, whereas 3G connectivity has seen a major decline and accounts for only 30 per cent. This is an indication that more and more people are switching to their internet on 4G networks. There is a huge 4G consumption in India and, as of right now, the country is said to have a staggering 598 million users who use 4G data.

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Technology news: India offers the cheapest data tariff to users

India has the most number of users behind China and this could be attributed mostly to the rates of data prices offered in the country. India has the cheapest data prices across the globe with per GB data costing a mere Rs 7. This is a huge difference compared to Rs 226 per GB data tariff a few years ago.

According to the report, 4G networks comprise approximately 96 per cent of the total data traffic in the country. Moreover, there has been a considerable rise in the overall data usage per month which goes up to 93 per cent from the aforementioned time-frame. The average internet usage has gone up per month, to 11GB in December 2019.

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Increase in 4G devices and OTT users

Apart from data usage, there has also been a rise in the number of 4G devices used in the country. The user base saw a growth of 1.5 times during last year as compared to 2018. It went from 335 million 4G devices in 2018 to 486 million devices in 2019.

Faster and cheaper data has also allowed people to easily stream online content without having to worry much about data usage. It is reported that almost 88 per cent of viewers stream content on their mobile devices. This is followed by 5 per cent on smart TVs, 4 per cent on laptops, 2 per cent on personal computers and 1 per cent on their tablets. A report also claims that every Indian user spends 70 minutes on an average on a daily basis on OTT video platforms.

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