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IPhone 12 Mini Issues Range From Lock Screen To Green Tint Display

iPhone 12 Mini has been subjected to a number of glitches and bugs which the users are now coming forward and sharing. Read more details below -

iphone 12 mini

The iPhone 12 Mini is perhaps one of the smallest devices manufactured by Apple in recent years but that did not stop the company from dodging any on-launch issues with the device. One would assume that if Apple is venturing back into the smaller device territory after manufacturing them for years before shifting to making bigger devices, the tech giant will not fall into any troubled waters. But, that was not the case for the compact device as many iPhone 12 mini issues are now being brought to the mainstream. Check out some of the iPhone 12 Mini issues below - 

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iPhone 12 Mini Problems

Apple's community forum and Reddit users have been pointing out some issues with the lock screen of the device itself. The iPhone 12 mini lock screen issue is showing up for users who are either trying to swipe up from the bottom of the lock screen with their thumbs or trying to turn on the flashlights or the camera from the lock screen itself. Speculations have run wild with the new iPhone 12 mini where users are convinced that it might be a conductivity or grounding issues which they are dealing with as the device works smoothly once it is put on charging. The lock screen sensitivity issue in the iPhone 12 mini is actually affecting a major number of users from around the world.

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Besides this, the entire lineup of iPhone 12s has now been speculated to have been subjected to a 'Display-gate'. MacRumors recently acquired an internal report from the tech giant company where the company seems to have acknowledged that the iPhone 12 models are suffering from major display issues. These issues range from flickering and green/grey glowing tint. The iPhone 12 display issues are more so affecting users more than the lock screen issue. Several users have come forward and shared that their latest iPhone 12 mini/pro/pro max have been affected with the green/grey glow. While MacRumors suggests that the company is looking to fix the issue, it hasn't come forward and admitted that the devices are facing display and lock screen glitches. 

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