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IPhone Weather Symbols: Learn The Meaning Of Each Weather Symbol

iPhone Weather Symbols has been one of the most talked about topics in the tech community. So we have listed all the information we have about it. Read


Apple is one of the most popular and known brands all over the globe. The makers have added a number of different features to their devices that have been one of the major attraction points towards their company. But recently the Apple users have been asking about the iPhone weather app. To help them out, we have listed all the information we have about the same. 

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iPhone Weather Symbols

Apple users have been asking about the weather symbols meaning and things related to the weather app. Makers have added a number of different symbols for different weather types in the app. To know the meaning of every weather symbol in the app, you will need to learn all these symbols. To help you guys out, we have listed a picture from Apple’s official website that will solve all your doubts about iPhone weather symbols. We have also listed a video uploaded by a popular Youtuber about the weather app.

  •  Source: Apple Official Website

Here's how to add, delete, and rearrange cities

  • To add a city to your weather list:

  1. Tap the location icon, then tap the Spotlight icon.
  2. Enter the name of the city, zip code, or airport location.
  3. Tap the city, then tap Add.
  4. To delete a city from your weather list, swipe left on the city, then tap Delete. To rearrange the order of the cities on your list, touch and hold the city, then move it up or down to reorder it.

More about Apple

Apart from that, Apple has recently launched the 12th generation of the Apple iPhone and the users seem to love it. They have managed to upgrade the camera, processor and the operating system of the iPhone with their latest release. There are no official announcements made about the next iPhone. But an iPhone 13 leak was posted by MacOtakara website which has talked about the design of the upcoming devices. According to the report, the iPhone 13 lineup is going to stick with the same design as the iPhone 12 that is including the bezels and flat edges. But apart from that,  only the thickness is going to be different from the previous generation iPhones. The iPhone 13 might just be 0.26mm thicker. This could be because of any new update like more battery life or the rear camera setup tweak. 

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