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Facebook Developing A Smart Watch With Cellular Network To Compete With Apple Watch

Facebook is reportedly working on a smart watch that will work on its own cellular network. A product that will compete directly with Apple Watch series.


Facebook, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular social media organisations in the world, is actually planning to compete in the smartwatch market. According to a report by The Information, the social app company is developing a smartwatch which will help users to easily send messages via Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and more. along with some additional health features. 

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Facebook to launch a smart watch brand soon

The reports say that Facebook Inc is developing a smart watch with a unique capability to run on a cellular connection without a tethered smartphone. This new specification might only revolutionize the market but it may also help in eliminating the constant need for a smartphone. Also, users will be able to text using Facebook services such as Messenger, WhatsApp and more which may make it quicker and easier to read and reply to messages.

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Most importantly, Facebook's smart watch will be laced with several heath features like options to track workouts with friends or communicate with trainers and more. It will also allow wearers to connect with various health and fitness companies like Peloton. The cost is said to be quite minimal which will be somewhere around the production cost, similar to the Oculus headset pricing strategies. However, as there are no details about what Facebook will price its smart watch, but currently the market has smart watches in the range between $150 to $400+. 

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Facebook's smart watch is said to run a version of Google's Android software. However, the smart watch will directly compete with various established marketers, especially Apple. The Apple Watch comes with various interesting features including SpO2 and more than 100 million people use Apple Smart Watches. However, Facebook and smart watch might have to face some problems in the market due to the concerns about Facebook's data collection. The organisation is looking for next year's launch for the first smart watch offering, it also has another smart watch under the brand planned for 2023. Meaning that Facebook is all set to compete with market leaders head-on .

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