Japan Rolls Out Blazing Fast 10 Gbps Internet Connection At Rs 4000 Per Month; Read

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Japan's NTT East and NTT West have increased the internet speeds for their existing plans up to 10 Gbps. Learn about the availability, set up charges and more.

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Japan offers blazing fast 10 Gbps speed

Many Indians believe that the state of broadband service and the internet speed in India isn't that great. It was also recently revealed that the country’s fixed broadband connection lines rank at 66 in the entire world and comes with an average data speed of only 41.8 Mbps. While much of India struggles with broadband speeds that are comparatively much slower to most other countries, you may be shocked to hear what Japan’s telecom provider NTT will be offering to its users.

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Japan's 10Gbps fast internet comes at just Rs 4000 approx

Japan’s NTT East and NTT West (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone) just boosted the data speeds for their internet plans to a blazing-fast 10Gbps (which comes to 10,000 Mbps). Moreover, Japan's new Internet speed of 10 Gbps will come at an impressive price as well. The high-speed connection will be available for just about USD 55 per month (approximately Rs 4000). Interestingly, the insanely impressive speed limit applies to both uploads and downloads, allowing users to upload and share huge data files on cloud storage on a daily basis.

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10 Gbps is the theoretical maximum speed

However, the Japanese internet service provider has noted that the 10 Gbps plans would be the maximum value in theory, and that users may not be able to get the same speed all the time. The service provider stated that users need large-capacity data communication because of the latest high definition 4K and 8K video and the spread of virtual reality technology.

Subscribers are required to use a FLET's Hikari Cross compatible router to take advantage of the speeds, and it appears that a router is included with the service for an additional ¥500 or roughly USD 4.48 USD monthly. Along with supporting the 10 Gbps data speeds, the router also supports Wi-Fi 6.

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Japan fast internet - Where is it available?

Presently, the 10 Gbps fast internet connection is only available in parts of Tokyo's 23 wards. This includes certain parts of Adachi, Edogawa, Itabashi, Katsushika, Nerima, Ota, Setagaya, and Suginami for the NTT East, whereas NTT West will be covering Osaka and Nagoya. People who are signing up for the service will also have to pay the installation charges of 18000 Yen (approx. ₹11,500) at the time of initial setup.

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