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Why Is Everyone Posting Cherry On Instagram? Here Is The Meaning Behind The Trend

Why is everyone posting cherry on Instagram? Several IG users are posting fruits on their stories and the real meaning behind will amaze you. Read on.

why is everyone posting cherry on instagram

The lockdown might make you feel bored but social media is full of various activities. With new and engaging trends arising every day, Instagram challenges and trends might make use of a lot of your time. However, there is one latest trend that has been making users curious. The cherry Instagram trend, which is the result of an initiative going around. Read on to find out what exactly the trend is!

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Why is everyone posting cherry on Instagram?

So what is the cherry Instagram trend and why is everyone posting cherry on Instagram stories? This actually is part of an initiative that has been forwarded by women only. There are several fruit options and the fruit options lead to several answers. One has to answer what their correct situation is in the form of a fruit and not give any context underneath!

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Check out the cherry Instagram trend that is being followed by many at the moment


Here is the message that girls have been getting in their Instagram DMs. Here is the cherry Instagram trend: 

"Hi beautiful, so here it is the time of year again when we try to raise awareness of breast cancer through a game. It’s very easy and I was hoping you would participate. Last year we had to write the colour of our bra's on our status. Men wondered for days what was going on with random colours on status's. This year we make reference to our love life status as a flavour. Do not answer to this message just post a corresponding word on your Instagram and send this message privately to all the girls on your friends list.

  • Blueberry is single.
  • Pineapple is it's complicated.
  • Raspberry is I don't want to commit.
  • Apple is engaged.
  • Cherry is in a relationship.
  • Banana is married.
  • Avocado is I'm the better half.
  • Strawberry is can't find Mr Right.
  • Lemon is I want to be single.
  • Raisin is I want to get married to my partner.

Last time the bra game was mentioned on T. V. let's see if we can get there with this one. Please resend this to all your girlfriends then update your status with your answer ONLY! DON'T TELL ANY GUYS! I hope to see lots of fit Cheers Reply... Reply..."

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