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Why Is Everyone Posting Strawberry On Instagram? What Is The Strawberry Challenge?

Why is everyone posting strawberry on Instagram? What is the strawberry challenge? Here is everything that you should know about the latest trend.

why is everyone posting strawberry on instagram

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, people have been staying indoors and practising social distancing. They have been using social media to kill their time. From riddles, games, puzzles and challenges, they have been communicating with their loved ones through video calls and chat. To make their interaction more engaging, they are tagging their friends and relatives on memes and relatable posts. 

Nowadays, people have also been posting stories on different social media sites consisting of strawberry challenge Instagram. If one has been witnessing fruit symbols on their peer’s Instagram or Snapchat lately, then they are not alone. From strawberry, banana, to blueberry, every fruit has a secret meaning. Therefore, these days, social media is flowing with codes, unique languages and symbol.


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Why is everyone posting strawberry on Instagram 

Starting on Snapchat, the strawberry Instagram trend was initiated by teenagers in 2016. However, they are resurfacing on the internet as people are using social media during the country-wide lockdown. Sharing strawberry challenge Instagram is a way to share one’s friendship without letting other people know what they are talking about. Moreover, it encouraged females to share them with their female friends, colleagues, and relatives and confuse the boys. Unbelievably, this trick worked and men were stumped with the strawberry Instagram trend. Have a look at why is everyone posting strawberry on Instagram. 

Strawberry on Instagram meaning

Men also tried to crack the strawberry Instagram trend. They posted them on their stories asking for strawberry on the Instagram meaning on social media sites and asked others to assist them. Furthermore, they managed to find the answers and received confirmation from other users. Have a look at the strawberry on Instagram meaning. 

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Here’s everything to know about the strawberry Instagram trend

Apart from strawberry challenge Instagram, various other fruits are also trending on social media. Therefore, we have mentioned strawberry on Instagram meaning, among other fruits. Have a look at the strawberry Instagram trend. 

Blueberry on Instagram meaning 

Blueberry: Single

Pineapple: Complicated

Raspberry: Don't wanna commit

Cherry: Relationship

Lemon: Want to be single

Apple: Engaged

Raisin: I want to get married to my partner

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