Lunar Eclipse 2020: Tips To Capture Photos From Your Smartphone


Lunar Eclipse 2020 will occur on January 10 today between 10:32 pm IST to 2:42 am IST. Take a look at the photography tips you need to check out beforehand.

Written By Surabhi Sabat | Mumbai | Updated On:
Lunar Eclipse

January 10 will witness Lunar Eclipse aka 'Chandra Grahan' and will be visible from major parts of the world including India. The lunar eclipse will start from 10:32 PM IST on January 10 and will end on January 11, 2:42 AM IST. A lunar eclipse is a phenomenon where the celestial bodies like Sun, Earth, and Moon align themselves in a straight line for a while. This makes the moon appear dark at the moment till the Earth passes in front of it casting its shadow on the Moon. If you want to capture some photos, take a look at these tips.

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Lunar Eclipse 2020: Capture the eclipse with these tips

  • Lens protector-  Your smartphone's camera lens is much more sensitive than the DSLRs or the normal cameras, so before you take a picture make sure to use a lens protector so that your smartphone camera is not damaged. 
  • Don't zoom in - As it will decrease the image quality.
  • Use a tripod stand - As it will help in better stability while clicking a picture or a time-lapse. Instead of a tripod stand, you can use a selfie stick as well. 
  • Choose your spot - Move to a terrace for a clear view
  • HDR mode - This mode could be your saviour for clear images. 
  • Use self-timer- If you don't have a stand to keep your phone stable in, use a self-timer to avoid the unnecessary shaking of the camera.
  • Resolution - Change your smartphone's resolution to be the maximum according to your phone's make. 
  • Don't forget the focus tap. 
  • Burst mode - If your smartphone consists of the burst mode feature, try it for accurate shots
  • Third-party apps - Try apps like Halide, Camera+, ProCam 2 to aid in better picture quality. 
  • Exposure: Adjust your camera's exposure to avoid blurry images
  • Note: Night mode will work well but it will brighten up the whole frame and not just the moon.

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Lunar Eclipse January 10

This upcoming celestial event is called a penumbral lunar eclipse and is also called the "Wolf Moon Eclipse". During this period, the Earth will find itself between the sun and the moon causing an eclipse. Out of the three types of lunar eclipses, the Lunar Eclipse January 10 will be a penumbral eclipse as the moon will drift into Earth's outer shadow called the Penumbra. In 2020, three more of the similar eclipses will occur, which will be on June 5, July 5 and November 30. 

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