Former NASA Scientist Uses ‘glow Powder’ To Show How Quickly Germs Can Spread, Watch Video


A video has surfaced on the internet which shows a former NASA scientist  Mark Rober using ‘glow powder’ to show just how quickly germs can spread.

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A video has surfaced on the internet which shows a former NASA scientist  Mark Rober using ‘glow powder’ to show just how quickly germs can spread. The shocking video will change how you view germs and cleanliness forever and how important it is to wash your hands on a regular basis. As per reports, the experiment takes place in a third-grade classroom in San Francisco. 

In the video, Rober uses a special type of fluorescent dust, called Glo Germ which shows up underneath a UV light. In the beginning of the experiment, the scientist, who has the dust already on her hands, shakes hands with three different students and leaves it at that. Then, just a few hours later, he used his special UV flashlight to show just how much the 'germs' had spread.

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Video goes viral

The powder shows up on the sink, phone, bins, walls, desks, paper towels and even other children and the teacher's face. 
The 1-minute video has managed to garner 11,014,590 views on YouTube and was posted on March 18. It has also garnered 25,670 comments. A user wrote, “The kid who wanted to shake the teacher's hand but she denied is literally me”. Another wrote, “Mark: Posts video about how to prevent virus spreading.”Another commented, “I feel bad for the kid that wanted to shake the teacher’s hand”. Another wrote, “I don’t think the teacher understood what “randomly shake 3 kids hands” meant”. 

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Precautions to contain the spread of virus

From greetings without touch to constant awareness about keeping hands clean, the scare due to the deadly coronavirus outbreak has led people to take all precautions to contain the spread. Recently, as people are started mentioning the excessive loss of water along with hand sanitizers being out of stock, one Twitter user posted an image of a foot-operated tap which is hailed as “brilliant idea”, especially during these times. While some doctors have also said that such taps are in use for more than two decades in the operation theatres, the Twitter users called it “great in COVID-19 days”. 

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