Coronavirus Suit Can Protect You Inside A Bubble And Kill The Virus - Claims Designer


A Chinese firm has unveiled a bubble suit claiming it heats up to temperatures high enough to kill coronavirus. Read on to know about the coronavirus suit.

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Coronavirus suit

A Chinese architecture firm has put out the design for a potential suit which claims that it is capable of protecting people from coronavirus. The suit has been called 'Be A Batman' and has been designed by a Beijing-based design company, Penda China. The company announced the concept design through its Instagram handle.

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Penda China and its founder Dayong Sun claim that the suit, which has been designed with isolating wings mimicking the shape of a bat's body, will effectively isolate the wearer outdoors, ensuring the wearer's safety, and protecting them from contracting the virus. The company also claimed that the device, which has been fitted with an ultraviolet radiation network on the surface, can heat up and sterilise the surrounding environment of the user, thereby killing the virus, rather than spreading it. 

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The Coronavirus suit can be worn like a backpack

According to a report from Fast Company, the suit comprises a fibre frame shaped like bat wings and can be worn as a backpack. The fibre frame is wrapped with a PVC film, which encases the user in a protective bubble, like the wings of a sleeping bat. Penda China also said that a user can fold up and remove the suit automatically whenever they need to contact the outside world. It is not an airtight suit, but it operates on principles of epidemic response, similar to the hazmat suits that mostly protect the front portion of the user's body.

Over 89,000 people have contracted the deadly virus from all around the world, as it continues to spread to more and more countries around the globe. Except for Antarctica, every continent has reported the virus with the total number of people killed by the disease reaching up to more than 3000.

Disclaimer - It should be noted that this is just a concept design and an actual suit hasn't been created to prove its effectiveness. The designer is currently looking for an investor to take the concept further. He has also stated that he is willing to offer his services free of charge to turn the concept into a reality.

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