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Grapes Watermelon Banana Puzzle | A Puzzle That Tests Your Creativity And Math Skills

Here is the 'Grapes watermelon banana' puzzle that is currently trending on Whatsapp and social media. You need to creatively correlate maths with basic objects

grapes watermelon banana

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, most people are stuck inside their homes in self-isolation. Many have nothing to do during their free time and have no other choice but to binge-watch movies and TV shows. However, some people have taken to solving riddles and puzzles on social media.

There are hundreds of new puzzles on social media thanks to the pandemic. People are solving these puzzles to stay occupied and sharpen their wits during the lockdown. Here is the 'grapes watermelon banana' puzzle that is currently trending on social media and Whatsapp. 

'Grapes watermelon banana' puzzle

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grapes watermelon banana

Above is the 'grapes watermelon banana' puzzle. The puzzle features four 'equations', where the numbers are replaced by fruits. The first equation reveals that adding four grapes is equal to 1000. The second equation shows us that two grapes and one watermelon are equal to 500. According to the third equation, two bananas, one watermelon, and one grape added together are also equal to 500. The final equation needs to be solved using the hints given by the first three equations. 

'Grapes watermelon banana' puzzle answer

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To solve this puzzle, you need to use the basic Math BODMAS rule. This puzzle not only tests your maths skills but it also tests your ability to creatively correlate maths with basic day to day objects. Below is the solution to the above puzzle.

  • Four grapes are equal to 1000. So, 1000/4 is equal to 250. Therefore, one grape is equal to 250.
  • We now know the value of one grape. According to the second equation, Watermelon + grape + grape = 500. Therefore Watermelon + 250 +250 = 500. Using BODMAS rules, we can calculate that the value of one watermelon is equal to 0.

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  • According to the third equation, banana + banana + watermelon + grape = 500. Therefore, banana + 0 + 250 = 500. The value of two banana is equal to 250. Therefore, the value of one banana is 125.
  • The final equation; grape + banana - grape x watermelon = 250 + 125 -250 x 0
  • Using BODMAS rules, you can solve the final equation. The final answer to this puzzle is 125

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